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Gruppa kompanij UkrPromMash, OOO
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About enterprise Gruppa kompanij UkrPromMash, OOO

UKRPROMMASH group of companies: mechanical engineering, woodworking, construction, real estate, agriculture. At the enterprises of a machine-building complex the modern quality management system of ISO 9001:2008 is introduced. PRODUCTION At plant such types of production are placed: • Foundry; • Thermal; • Galvanic; • Machining; • Procuring and forge and press; • Assembly and welding; • Tool. PRODUCTION • And to reserve knots to locomotives and the diesel trains: - K6S310DR (ChME-3 locomotive); - 14D40, 5D49 (locomotives 2TE116, M62, TEP-60, TEP-70); - 12VFE 27853 (diesel train D1); - M756-B1 (diesel train DR1); - D50 (TEM-2 locomotive); - 10D100 (locomotive 2TE10LV); - 211D (TGM-4 locomotive). • Spare parts to the K2-LOK, KT-6, EK7A, MK135, K1 compressors • Electrocompressors 2OK1. E and parts to them • Spare parts to ship and stationary diesel generators • Coolers water oil, water-to-water and nadduvochny air • Radiator sections • Pumps water (for diesel engines) • Radiators of water and oil • The elements filtering filters of oil and fuel (for combines, road-building and other autotractor equipment) • Grinders of grain, root crops and juicy forages of "Tavriya" • Coppers are heating water-heating • Electroconvectors for heating of premises. • Consumer goods • Metal wares: - springs; - rings are piston; - valve assembled; - inserts; - cylinder plugs; - gear wheels and cogwheels; - perforating drill bits PRODUCTION of SPRINGS Diameter of a wire / bar of 0,5 - 50 mm 0,5 - 10 mm - a cold navivka of 10 - 50 mm - method more hotly than a navivka. The maximum outer diameter of a spring - 310 mm the Maximum length of a spring - 900 mm of the Spring of compression under the order with the drawn-in extreme rounds and polished end faces. All springs pass heat treatment. In case of need we apply electroplated coatings. By results of tests on all springs certificates of quality and test reports are made


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